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During the month of May, we begin anew, gradually transitioning from remote classes on Zoom and Facebook to in person classes in the Trillium yoga room. Class attendance will be limited to seven students until public health restrictions are lifted. You can see all our offerings on the schedule page. We look forward to sharing practice with you at Trillium.  

Students may attend classes at Trillium by either dropping in or by purchasing a class card. 

Just For You

Find a quiet time and place, for about a half an hour. You may lie down on the floor, supported with blankets and pillows, or sit in a comfortable reclining chair. Make yourself cozy and enjoy being guided into deep relaxation.                                              

Yoga Nidra/Sound Bath, was recorded March 2020. This was the last
in person event at Trillium before we closed due to Covid.

**The full library of Trillium Facebook live classes on our Facebook page. We want to be sure everyone has access to our offerings regardless of ability to pay or to show up at a particular time.