Trillium Safety Procedures during Covid

To keep everyone healthy and safe when you come to Trillium for individual services:

1. Park on the street and text your practitioner. When they are ready for you, you will receive a text to come to the entrance. The practitioner will meet you at the door. You must wear a mask in order to be admitted. There will be no waiting inside the building until further notice.

2. You and your practitioner will both wear masks during the session. This is mandatory.

3. The room will be disinfected after each client. As always, the practitioner will wash their hands before and after each client.

4. There is hand sanitizer on the bookshelf in the hallway.


5. Please maintain social distancing by using the individual stall washroom, to the right of the double stall bathroom. Please keep your mask on when using the washroom.

There will be no in-person yoga classes until it is deemed safe.

North Country Tai Chi students will wear masks at all times and will follow check-in, screening, and social distancing procedures implemented by Sean Boutin, per the guidance of St Lawrence County Public Health.