Our bodies are designed to move with energy, balance, and ease. Too often, our lifestyles interfere with this design, resulting in tension, unnecessary effort, and fatigue. The Alexander Technique allows us the opportunity to recognize and even undo habits that often lead to strain and stress.

Learn how our every day movements, such as sitting down, standing up, and walking, may create unnecessary tension in our bodies. Through increased awareness, and gentle hands-on guidance from the teacher, we create the possibility for change.

Through a combination of group and individual activities, participants will discover and learn to apply the basic principles of the Alexander Technique: Inhibition, Direction, and Primary Control. Students receive both verbal and gentle hands-on guidance at each class.

While each session will have a different theme, there will be time to address specific areas of interest of the participants. Please bring a towel two books to use as props (approximately 1” thick each).

This class is held monthly, on the first Saturdays, October – April.