Prenatal Yoga is here to support women prepare for a mindful and present childbirth experience. The philosophy of this class is that pregnancy and childbirth are holistic, a body-mind developmental process. Yoga poses, stretches, breath work, and meditation create deep relaxation and strength, optimum conditions of prenatal health. Childbirth is a natural process that happens in the midst of a profound letting go. Learn to release tension, anxiety and resolve fears as you prepare to give birth actively, naturally, empowered to trust and follow your own instincts. Students are encouraged to practice in an intuitive way, letting their comfort guide them to build awareness, confidence, and to embody the power, beauty, and transformation of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. The class is appropriate for all three trimesters. New and experienced yoga practitioners are welcome. Find a supportive community.┬áPrenatal Yoga is a five-week session class, meeting Wednesdays, 4/1 – 4/28, 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm, $65. Register on line at the Trillium Square Store or contact Terry,