Rebecca Martin, PT, DPT, PhDc

Rebecca Martin, PT, DPT, PhDc has been a practicing Physical Therapist clinician since 2008. She received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and her Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 2008 from Misericordia University. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2010 from The Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital, and is currently in the dissertation phase of her PhD in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.

Rebecca is a Clinical Associate Professor at Clarkson University where she coordinates and teaches the neuromuscular and motor learning coursework. She earned her Board Certification in Neurologic Physical Therapy in 2014 and became a Parkinson’s Foundation Faculty Scholar in 2016. She is active within the Potsdam community as the coordinator for the Parkinson’s and Functional Movement Disorder Support Group and is a founding board member of the Seaway Parkinson’s Foundation. While she is clinical expert in many neuromuscular disorders, Rebecca’s two main areas of clinical focus are Parkinson’s disease and concussion.

Rebecca treats individual clients through a cash based physical therapy practice here at Trillium, which means that clients pay up front for services and are reimbursed through their insurance companies as applicable. She is excited to provide services through Trillium where she is able to set her rates very low and provide services to more individuals. In addition to physical therapy, Rebecca works with clients, typically with neurological disorders, who are seeking to improve their health and wellness.

In addition to working with clients individually, Rebecca runs the twice weekly Parkinson’s Group Exercise Class at Trillium. This class is specifically designed to benefit people with Parkinson’s and is taught in the way people with Parkinson’s learn best.

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