Tracy Sharlow, Yoga Teacher

Functional Fitness- Fun and Wellness for Life is a movement, exercise, fitness, and wellness class with a holistic approach to the overall ability for one’s body to function well in everyday life. Functional fitness exercises strengthen and prepare one’s body for everyday tasks found at home, work, and sports. Functional Fitness exercises work various muscles in the upper body and lower body at the same time to create an overall emphasis on core stability. In addition to the development of muscular strength and endurance, we will work on balance, flexibility, and proper body alignment to increase functional strength. All of this comes in a fun community small group oriented approach to increase the overall success of establishing a healthy outlook on working out. Tracy has been an Adapted Physical Education Teacher in Potsdam and a fitness instructor at Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam for the past 24 years. Tracy is excited to introduce Functional Fitness to the Trillium Community. She believes that overall wellness must consist of a healthy balance of physical fitness, positive attitude, emotional wellness, and fun. 

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